Our Story

Magnolia Springs Church and Campgrounds in Hurley, Mississippi began in 1897 with a Holiness revival under a small tabernacle erected especially for the purpose of housing the meeting. By 1906 the message of the Azusa Street Outpouring had reached Mississippi. H.G. Rogers and E.N. Bell, participants in the Hot Springs, Arkansas meeting of 1914, were among the ministers who brought the Pentecostal message to Hurley, Mississippi and the Gulf Coast.

At times people from as many as 36 States gathered to participate in the "Hurley Camp Meeting". MInisters from many different denomination experienced being "baptized" in the Spirit. Over the years thousands came to find a new experience with the Lord. Literally hundreds have asserted that they received their call into gospel ministry at one of the Hurley Camp Meetings. They became pastors, evangelists and missionaries to the four corners of the earth.

Today we honor those who have paved the way before us, leaving us a rich spiritual heritage. Yet, we feel a deep responsibility for making the gospel relevant to the next generation. More than 110 years, Magnolia Springs Church continues to reach out to heal the hurting, providing support and affirmation for those who faithfully serve Christ and their world.